Dr. Pete Scheifele: Canine Audiology Short Course with Noise Mitigation in Kennels [webinar recordin

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Mr Peter M. Skip Scheifele, Ph.D., LCDR USN (Ret.)

Peter M. Scheifele PhD, LCDR USN
Professor and Executive Director of the overall FETCHLABâ„¢USA and Director of UC FETCHLAB.
Dr. Scheifele is a Navy Vietnam era veteran; submarine sonar and weapons officer/Navy Diver and Naval Oceanographer. He directed the Navy Marine Mammal Technology Program, specializing in marine mammal bioacoustics research and was Head Trainer at Mystic Aquarium. He was awarded the Order of the Decibel and a presidential citation by President George Bush Sr. for his pioneering work with marine mammal bioacoustics. He trained and handled narcotics and bomb dogs for the U.S. Coast Guard.
Presently, he directs UC FETCHLAB world-renowned for investigating animal audiology, vocal mechanisms and bioacoustics and conducting animal audiology. Peter also serves as the U.S. Army Special Forces and DOD subject matter expert (SME) on tactical military working dog audiology and Canine PTSD. He is Professor of animal bioacoustics, audiology, and human Neuroaudiology in the College of Allied Health Sciences, and otology and neurology in the College of Medicine.
University of Cincinnati FETCHLAB is an internationally renowned animal hearing and bioacoustics laboratory and he