Dr. Adee Schoon - A New Generation of Mine Detection Dogs [recording]

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Mrs Adee Schoon

CV dr. Adee Schoon
Adee Schoon began her work with police human scent dogs in the Netherlands in 1991 and obtained her PhD in 1997. Since then, her work has included research projects in explosive, drug, biological fluids, human remains, electronic storage devices, corrosion, cancer and wildlife detection, puppy selection and training programs, and teaching about odours, scent perception, learning and training. She publishes regularly and participates in a number of international governmental working groups/organizations on detection dogs. In 2010, she left Leiden University and started Animal Detection Consultancy, with a mission to use, improve and expand the olfactory detection capabilities of animal/handler teams through focused research, training and advice, primarily in the field of human security and welfare. She published her ideas in ‘Training dogs to use their nose – a blueprint’ in 2021 to commemorate 30 years of experience.