"Body Farm: Lessons learned from HRD K9 seminars at FACTS (Texas)" - B.Alexander and T.Turner [rec]

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Mr Ben Alexander

Dr. Michael Ben Alexander obtained his Ph.D. in Soil Science – Forensic application in Dec 2014. His research centered around soil chemistry application to a predictive model for post mortem interval. He also tested capabilities of cadaver dogs in regards to residual odor and soil profile effects on detection capabilities. Properly trained and credentialed cadaver dogs were found to be capable of correctly indicating on grave soil 2 ½ years post body removal. His MS in animal science studied search dog performance from various training techniques.

Dr. Alexander began training dogs at the age of 8 and taught public obedience classes for over 20 years before becoming involved in search and rescue. Dr. Alexander began as a volunteer K9 handler in September of 2000. He founded and led Cen-Tex Search & Rescue, a 501c3 all volunteer team from 2002 to 2014, serving as the director of the team, head trainer and also a K9 handler. Ben and his K9 partners have participated in disaster recovery work after hurricanes Katrina, Ike and the Memorial day floods. He and his K9 partners have also had numerous water recoveries on Texas lakes and rivers.